3 useful and anti-waste apps:

As today’s trends converge on ecology and anti-waste, we’ve found you 3 useful applications to be in the mood!


It is an application that allows you to connect individuals to give and retrieve everyday items for free. A useful app for students! You can find sofas, tables, televisions, decoration, washing machines, dishes, clothes, microwaves. A little while allowing you to completely furnish your apartment! The GOOD PLAN!

This app is available on Android and ios. Just create an account to become a Geever.

Too Good to Go:

The perfect app to fight food waste!
With the Too Good to Go app, you can receive a surprise basket made up of unsold day traders, to be picked up on specific time slots. These are the fresh products that the merchants can no longer sell the next day, such as pastries, daily specials… You won’t know exactly what you’re going to eat, but at least you’ll save the planet (a little) and satisfy your appetite in 3 clicks!

Frigo Magic:

The app that answers THE famous question: “What are we eating tonight?” Indeed, Frigo Magic offers recipes that correspond to your desires and your way of life, using the foods you already have at home. Whether you are 2, 3, 4 or even alone, the recipes will also be adapted in relation to the number of people.

An application that also aims to limit food waste in another way and that will be very useful to us! Savings assured by this and as a bonus, you learn to cook and save time. So what are we eating tonight?