Once your booking is confirmed, we will send you your rental dossier. The dossier must be completed and returned to us by the specified deadline, accompanied by the necessary payments.

Required documents

Making a reservation and moving into your studio: Nothing is simpler: Our reception team is here to help you with the administrative process.


 residence-etudiante-leclemenceau-montpellier/check-list• Documents required from you the resident

The future resident of the OBSERVATORY must send us a photocopy of his identity document, a certificate of schooling, 
a certificate of comprehensive home insurance valid upon entering the studio and complete the internal documents of the OBSERVATORY:
 form rental agreement information, internal regulations, and direct debit request (attached to a RIB).

• Documents required from the guarantor

All residents are required to have a guarantor who must co-sign the necessary documentation (the rental contract and the rules and regulations). We accept guarantors that reside abroad (eg : resident’s parents).


Security deposit and the first month’s rent payment


The rental dossier must be accompanied by the security deposit and one month’s rent in advance :

 residence-etudiante-leclemenceau-montpellier/loyer• The security deposit (equivalent to one month’s rent)

This security deposit will be cashed (for all rentals over 3 months) on receipt of the rental dossier and will be returnable one month after the end of your rental term.

• First month’s rent

The first month’s rent will be cashed on the 5th of the first month of your rental.
For the continuing rental payments you can put into place a direct debit or choose one of our other payment methods, such as bank transfer, credit card or by cheque.


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