The residence BEELODGE CAMPUS L’OBSERVATOIRE offers you common living areas on the ground floor of the building and on the second floor. 2 common rooms at your disposal: to work alone or with friends, have the photocopier, (get a rechargeable card at the reception) to relax, share a game on TV, a NETFLIX series or eat with d other students, celebrate a birthday …..

Laundry room with dryer (payment by contactless bank card)


Washing machine and dryer are at your disposal, they work with tokens that can be bought at the reception.

You can then do your laundry whenever you want.

We also lend ironing and cleaning equipment.

The study room

You have a large room that you can use to study, prepare a group project, revise ...
You will also have the possibility of privatizing it, for common revisions for example.
This room is equipped with wifi access, a TV and a comfortable sofa;)


You have an air-conditioned room on the ground floor to relax, share a game on TV, a series NETFLIX or eat with other students, celebrate a birthday …..

At your disposal a photocopier that works using residence-student-observatoire-photocopied a rechargeable card.